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Q 1. When I purchase an image for personal use can I put it on a merchandise and sell it?
Ans. No you cannot, personal use is exactly that, just for your personal use. You can use it as a screen saver,  printout, book reports and personal website that does not have advertisers or commercial sponsors.
Q 2. If purchase a print for personal use may I scan it?
Ans. No prints are sold for personal use and may not be scanned or reproduced in any way without the express permission of New York Clics.
Q 3. If I purchase an image for editorial use may I use the image over and over again?
Ans. No, the license for editorial use on the New York Clics website is for one time use only. If you require additional rights please contact info@newyorkclics.com
Q 4. Why are some images only available for editorial use?
Ans. Some images because of rights issues can only be sold as an art print or for editorial use.
Q 5. Can I get other images that I don’t see in the gift shop on the merchandise displayed?
Ans. Yes, many but not all of the images available on the website are available for gifts from the shop, but may not be displayed. To place your request contact info@newyorkclics.com.
Q 6. Why are the images for personal use at a lower resolution?
Ans. The uses for which it is being sold, such as screen saver, personal website, printouts do not require a high resolution.
Q 7. How can I find an image on the site?
Ans. You can search for an image by placing a keyword in the search box. An example would be “Central Park,” and the results will be all the Central Park images. You can also search by words as specific as “duck” or by concept such as “love.” You’ll be surprised by what you might get.
Q 8. How can I order a print?
Ans. You can order 8x10 prints by contacting us at info@newyorkclics.com and it will take approximately 7 to 10 days with a shipping cost of $5.00 to arrive by parcel post. Special deliveries can be requested at an additional cost of $15.00.
Q 9. Can a photographer submit their work to New York Clics?
Ans. If you would like your photography sold on New York Clics, please send a link with your work to info@newyorkclics.com.
You have any other questions please contact New York Clics by e-mailing info@newyorkclics.com